Change is the only constance in life (Heraclitus)

Special offer

Coaching: special package offer

Want to enhance your career or competences?

  • Personal issues getting you down?
  • Having a hard time making the right decision?
  • Having a hard time living/working in a different country and culture?
  • Stuck on something – need help?

Coaching can help

Coaching is THE FRONT LINE for helping people solve problems- personal or professional.
Why would I need coaching? Coaching helps you discover your solutions and reach your full potential.

As a Coach I would like to give you the following opportunity:
2 x 1 hour session for euro 120.- incl tax. (Preferably all done within 6 weeks includes an intake of 30 minutes.)

This can be done in person, by phone or skype.
(For coaching by email or chat online; different rates occur.)

Office and fees

I have an office where we can meet in all privacy in Breda. On weekdays, evenings or on weekend days. I can also meet you at your location.
I work with Skype or phone- coaching.

The first meeting is to set a direction and talk about expectations. We will work to set well-formed outcomes. No charge for this session. But you will experience some benefits already of this session.

I will make a proposal based on the quantity of sessions we need, assessment, evaluation etc.
My regular fee is 70.- euro per session of 1 hr.
(Different rates for email and/or chat online coaching.)

I work with an agreement with standard rules (ICF) and payment conditions.

I also offer year long packages. The first two months we'll meet twice a month, after that once a month. The monthly fee 55,- euro including reports, assessment.

For companies

I offer all-inclusive packages and fees for organisations and companies. This will depend on volume, positions and complexity. 
Included are meetings, reports, assessments etc.