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Expat coaching

You worked and lived abroad for a number of years? Or you came to The Netherlands as an expat?
You have worked in different cultures? Or you are a spouse and didn't work at all?
You had/have to deal with different values/norms, with different salaries, you had/have to make new friends, left them behind when you moved again, you may have had the best time ever, or the hardest period of your life?

An expat (and their family) exposes him/herself to change. He/she dares to step out of their comfort zone.

In my experience companies are doing a very good job in guiding their expats when the assignment starts; they hire companies to guide the expat and family through the transition process of moving to another country.

However when you come back there isn't a lot of support. Because you know how it works in your 'home' country. But sometimes returning can be harder and more difficult than leaving. Returning to the same workplace doesn't always fit anymore.
As an expat you can discover after the first adaptions and adventures that you get stuck in your new country, work isn't as exiting as you thought or the (work) culture isn't as good as expected. Or you just feel 'home'-sick.

Being an ex-expat myself I easily identify with challenges expats face in a foreign country with a different culture. But I also know how difficult it can be coming back to your 'home' country. What if home doesn't feel as home anymore? Leaving new friends and culture behind can be hard.

My offer

Finding your place in the 'old' company again, getting use to the Dutch bureaucracy, spouses and children that having to adjust to their 'old' lives again. The feeling of not finding completely what you thought, or the feeling that the people around you don't understand you, the feeling that people around you are small minded or judgmental, or ....

You are an expat in the Netherlands and you or your family are having a hard time to adapt, to fit in, to make friends, to understand the culture, the work environment.

All these situations can effect your moods, your self-confidence, your safety, your balance etc. Your talents and strengths might get blurry, your focus might get lost or even physical problems maybe occur.

I can coach in English, Dutch and Spanish and as a coach I might help you getting on track again, help you to re-discover your talents, balance, flow or energy.