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Business: HR support and Coaching

Business owners

My coaching approach is custom made and I will be your independent trustee

Do you ever think or feel:

  • How do I balance business success with personal happiness?
  • Do I consolidate my company, grow my company or sell my company?
  • I don’t feel I can be my authentic self.
  • I need courage and insight to make an important professional choice.
  • The same problems and bad habits keep recurring.
  • On the outside I lead a perfect life, personal and professional, but in my head often I’m restless or anxious.
  • It feels I always “have” to do things in stead of “wanting” to do things.

What is a good reason to call a coach?

There are many reasons why people hire a coach. Any goal you want to accomplish, within reasonable boundaries off course, is attainable with a coach. Success, happiness and inner peace remain the most important goals of the majority of business people.

What can I do for your employees as a coach?

As a coach I can help improve the talents of your managers and workers, to become better in their jobs and deploy more pleasure and creativity. 
  • Manager coaching: to enhance skills and be true to themselves as a leader.
  • Talent coaching; to discover how much potential your company has with undiscovered and not-used talents.
  • Skill coaching: sometimes a valued employee just needs to improve a necessary skill to be more effective.
  • Team coaching: do you want to create more team spirit or resolve team comflicts?
  • Coaching to support organisational growth or change processes. 
  • Outplacement; transitions in career.

HR consultancy and support

I have an extensive experience as HR consultant and Manager and I will be your partner to advise and support you or your HR team for a comprehensive organisational and personal development.
  • Recruitment and talent management
  • Benefits 
  • Training and education program
  • Mediation in conflicts or/and outplacement
  • Health and reintegration coach
  • interim HR
  • Changemanagement and organisational turnarounds.
  • Practical HR matters and procedures

    Down to business, hands-on, and low key are some credentials that I mention. Value for money.