Live life to your fullest

Me, philosophy and ethics in coaching.

I believe that:

  • People already have all the resources they need

  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback

  • People always make the best choice available to them at the time.

  • Behind every behavior is a positive intention

  • Every behavior is useful in some context

  • Choice is better than no choice

  • We are all responsible for creating our own experience

What defines my coaching?

Authenticity, values, mission/purpose are the words that defines my coaching. Because I value individuation, I work differently with every person.

I am fascinated by people; in transitions, I value development and learning, being connected, wisdom and freedom of choice.

How to become more conscious of your motives; that what 'moves' you? What is underneath your 'waterline'?


I have been working as a coach since 2005 in The Netherlands and in the USA. Before that I worked as a HR advisor and HR manager in a technical and metal company.

My study background (BA and MS) is around 'mens en arbeid'; people and work.

I am trained as a Professional Coach in the Netherlands at the School voor Coaching in Leiden.
In the USA at the Coach Academy International in Dallas where I am grateful to be trained by two of the best coaches in the USA!

I am certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator by the National Career Development Association in Denver, Colorado in the USA.

I stimulate others to a value-based life, with awareness and using their talents.
My talents are deep listening (for what is not said), I am a keen observer for other people's strengths, styles and motivation, I am empathetically, I am active and I relate easily to people. I love new ideas (ideation) and love for people to discover and solve their problems (restorative).

For my complete resume email or text me.


  • As a coach, I have no agenda except to help my clients get what they want.

  • While there will be times that I suggest new ideas from my intuition, knowledge and experience, I “partner” with you to help implement a plan that we create together.

  • Coaches do not see anything as a problem, only as an opportunity. 

  • The past is only the focus of coaching as a learning/growing tool. I do not start in the past, nor stay there, but release the energy the past has on you so you can move forward with confidence.

  • The coaching relationship helps you not only manage, but thrive in the face of change.

  • Unlike chatting with your friends, coaches are objective and nonjudgemental, and we never tell you what you 'should do', think or be.

Ethics and confidentiality

I follow the codes of Ethics standardized by the ICF; the International Coach federation.

  • I work with the highest confidentiality and privacy

  • I will work without any conflict of interest

  • I will follow up on the agreement signed by coach and client.