In the waves of change we find our true direction

Coaching is similar to change

It is about leading you to a desired state, a well-formed outcome, a purpose or a mission.

What is coaching exactly?

Coaching is a guided process to create some kind of change. Coaching is about a desired state and the best way to get there. In each coach session, I listen deeply. By asking the right and sometimes provocative questions I will challenge your thinking.

The difference with therapy or counseling is that we are not digging in the past, we are looking at goals you want to achieve and how to get there or what is in the way to get there.

Unlike chatting with your friends, coaches are objective and nonjudgemental, and we never tell you what you should do, think or be.

My guarantee is that I work under the highest confidentially standards, set by the International Coach Federation as well by the Dutch Nobco association.

What do I wish for my clients?

  • To reach their full potential
  • To find out what they want in life and work
  • To improve their competences
  • To realize dreams
  • To make decisions with confidence
  • To live a life aligned with  their values and mission

The gift of coaching

  • A coach guides you through the process of self-discovery
  • A coach offers you a deep-listening with great empathy and without judgements, asking the right and powerful questions to reach awareness (as we call it 'the AHA-moment') and to create the desired change.
  • A coach holds you accountable
  • A coach challenges you
  • A coach offers advise but only when you want to
  • A coach is your best cheerleader


I use a very personal approach; every individual needs something else. Depending on your goals for coaching I will ask profound questions . I will use assessments like Strengthfinder or other tools to assist the discovery process.

I'll make use of various technics like NLP, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, RET and Transactional Analyses. I integrate my knowledge and experience with Mindfulness and Philosophy. 

Sometimes talking is just not the right method to use for a client.
In that case we can discuss the use of other active or creative methods like walking, yoga or working in a more abstract or artful way.


My mission and vision with coaching

My mission with coaching 

is to assist every individual in their transition process between careers, cultures or personal development through coaching.

My vision
A coach's ability is about creating awareness, deep-listening, creating challenges, focusing on the desired outcome, on self – belief and with own responsibility coming to an action plan.

A coach beliefs that the client has all the recourses to get to a desired state, the coach will be the clients guide through this process.